Blast Off Details

Success Blast Off™ is designed to promote rapid root development in the vegetative and early flowering stage of the plants life cycles. By activating many growth related enzymes this nutrient optimizes root growth and root branching. Helps your plants create the root structure you need to produce the results you’ve dreamed of!!

(N) Nitrogen
• Building block element
• Required for plant to produce chlorophyll and proteins
• Plays major part in stem and leaf growth
• Significant component of DNA, that allows cells to grow and reproduce

(P) Phosphorus
• Supports plant development throughout entire life cycle
• Increased stalk and stem strength
• Improves flower formation and bulking
• Helps create more uniform crop maturity and quality

(K) Potassium/Potash
• Controls opening and closing of stomata, therefore regulating Co2 uptake
• Activates enzymes required in photosynthesis and respiration
• Activates many growth related enzymes

(Mo) Molybdenum
• Helps with synthesis of proteins
• Important in optimizing plant growth

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