The Differences Between Our Growing Kits: Everything You Need to Know

The Differences Between Our Growing Kits: Everything You Need to Know


This blog is for you if you want to understand the differences between our various growing kits and their benefits.  


We solve the challenges cannabis growers face.  

Determining the correct balance of nutrients cannabis plants need to thrive is often challenging for home growers. 

Without the right balance of essential nutrients, it's nearly impossible for home cultivators to find their desired balance between THC, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids, along with the flavors, terpenes, and aromatics prized by cannabis enthusiasts. 

And the challenges don't stop once you reach a commercial stage either. 

Like home growers, commercial cannabis farmers risk developing nutrient deficiencies across their crop—problems that are often only resolved by consulting a cannabis leaf deficiency chart. 

When done right, cannabis farming can be incredibly fulfilling at any scale, but only when you have the right tools to avoid cannabis leaf deficiencies. 

Success Nutrients can help you succeed, avoiding cannabis deficiencies before they arise with carefully engineered systems that include the pharmaceutical and food-grade nutrients your plants need to thrive.


Success Nutrients understands your problems, and we have solutions. 

We have a product that can help, no matter the scale or style of your cannabis cultivation practice. 

Still, with so many options, we know it might be challenging to understand what's right for you. 

So, keep reading to understand which of our grow kits will give you the kind of healthy, cannabinoid, and terpene-rich plants that'll set you apart from other home–and commercial–cannabis growers. 


Success Nutrients 4-Part Feed Schedule

Success Nutrients 4-Part Feed Schedule 

Our 4-part feed schedule delivers the base nutrients your plants need in a simplified delivery system perfect for large-scale industrial cannabis grow ops. It's simple and straightforward.

The 4-part system includes essential nutrients for every cannabis growth stage, simplifying the complex cultivation process so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business. 

It includes four precisely-engineered base nutrient delivery kits (Micro, Flowers, Trees, and Bud Strength) for use in feed systems unable to accommodate a complex 9-part feed schedule.

Our 4-part feed schedule is simple but no less effective than the others. It's the ideal solution to streamline your cannabis cultivation practice. 


Success Nutrients 6-Part Feed Schedule  

Success Nutrients 6-Part Feed Schedule 

If you're ready for a little more complexity (and additional nutrients), our 6-part feed schedule is the perfect solution. 

Like the 4-part feed schedule, the Success Nutrients 6-part system is intended for larger-scale grow operations that need to keep their nutritional solutions streamlined and simple.

The two extra packs of plant additives offer a serious bonus that works in concert with the other nutritional support solutions to help your plants thrive.

Designed to support all stages of the cannabis plant growth cycle, the 6-pack kit contains Micro, Flowers, Trees, and Bud Strength, just like the 4-part. But we've also included our Frosty Nugs and Silica nutrient kits for an extra dose of cannabis strength. 

Frosty Nugs is an effective flushing agent designed to support veg and flower phase growth, where silica inspires strong tissues that help your plants thrive in adverse environmental conditions, creating more resilient plants. 

If you're a larger-scale grower with an automatic feeding system that can accommodate up to six nutrients, the 6-part feed schedule is an excellent choice.


Success Nutrients 9-Part Feed Schedule

Success Nutrients 9-Part Feed Schedule 

The product that solidified our reputation, Success Nutrients 9-part feed schedule, is a complete system essential for home growers and boutique cultivators seeking to nurture high-quality cannabis plants with the benefit of our expert support.

We've gone through the trial and error process so you could reap the benefits of our successes—complete with a clear, easy-to-follow growth roadmap to ensure your plants are on the right track. 

Simply follow our 9-part nutrient feed chart to grow high-quality plants cannabis aficionados love or nurture the best home grown-plants money can't buy. 

Bigger yields and improved quality! What's not to like?

Designed for every cannabis growth stage, the 9-part feed schedule includes Micro, Flowers, Trees, Bud Strength, Frosty Nugs, and Silica, like our 6-pack. 

But we've also included bonus nutrients like our Flame Flower Enhancer, formulated to enhance flower size and bud development throughout the flowering phase of a plant's life cycle. 

The 9-part also includes Blast Off to support root structure and growth and Game Time flower bloom enhancer, helping your plants produce supersized blooms.

Success Nutrients 9-part system is the perfect solution to increase yields and produce high-quality cannabis with more terpenes and cannabinoids in every harvest.



4 vs. 6

With our nutrient support, every pack has a purpose. We've designed our grow kits to work together, giving you a dose of bonus support with each additional system. 

Stick with the 4-part if you want–or need–simplicity. 

We created the 4-part system with large-scale producers in mind, who might want to automate feedings but lack the capacity for managing the complexity of a 9-part system. 

The 4-part feed schedule is your answer if you're an operation with an existing 4-part nutritional support system. This kit gives you plug-and-play access to a high level of cannabis nutritional support without having to overhaul your operation. 

The 6-part feed schedule is perfect for larger growing operations with automatic feeding systems that accommodate up to six nutrients. It's also excellent for hobbyists interested in leveling up their home grow. 

Upgrading to a 6-part is essential if you're a grower operating in conditions where plants must deal with adverse environmental factors like limited water, extreme cold, or the presence of pests, spores, or other unfriendly factors that might limit growth potential. 

The extra nutritional support the 6-part feed schedule provides strengthens plants and increases yields even under challenging cultivation circumstances. 

6 vs. 9

By now, you understand that our 6-part feed schedule offers extra nutrient support—but how do you know if the 6 or 9-part is suitable for your operation? Again, it all comes down to equipment. 

The 6-part system is perfect for large-scale growers who may find it challenging to introduce a new multi-step nutritional support system into an existing nutrition framework.

Suppose you have an automated or manual six-part system in place and want to upgrade the quality of nutritional support your plants receive without changing your underlying system. In that case, the 6-part feed schedule is probably the best solution.


However, to get the best growth results for hobbyists and professionals alike, it doesn't get better than our 9-part feed schedule. 

Carefully designed over years of trial and error, this complete nutritional system will help you grow higher-quality cannabis plants boasting superior vegetative growth. 

In trials, our partners averaged a 17% increase in their growth rate. 

Supporting an increased infection resistance, our proven methodology has been perfected through our own professional growth endeavors.

Still not sure which feed schedule is right for you? Book a Success Nutrients pro consultation and get a personalized nutrition recommendation.