You’re here to learn about the Three A Light™ method and we’re here to help.

There’s one term you’ll hear often when it comes to this method: Schwazze (pronounced SHHwahZZ). What is it?

Schwazze is a cultivation technique that requires heavy defoliation in order to grow a hearty plant with excellent yield. It focuses on directing energy toward better airflow and light penetration. This encourages new growth and results in an incredible harvest. For a complete guide on incorporating this method in your own garden, we highly recommend the Three A Light book.

This is a method we’ve personally used and perfected through our own commercial growing endeavors. Our Success Nutrient system offers nine nutrient blends, each intended for use during a specific point in the plant’s life cycle for optimal growth and yield.

As growers ourselves, our goal was to simplify what can be a very complex process to allow commercial growers more time to focus on their business as well as allowing small hobbyist gardeners an opportunity to grow like the pros. The Success Nutrient system takes the guesswork out of nutrient application and feeding schedules.

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