Success Kits

A complete Success Nutrient Kit to nourish your plants with vital elements and micronutrients.

Complete Kits include:

5 Gallon Kit includes:

  • 1 - (5 GAL) of Micro, Trees, Flowers, Silica, Flame, Frosty Nugs, and Bud Strength
  • 1 - (1L) of Blast Off 
  • 1 - (1 KILO) of Game Time

1 Gallon Kit:

  • 1 - (1 GAL) of Micro, Trees, Flowers, Silica, Flame, Frosty Nugs, and Bud Strength
  • 1 - (1 L) of Blast Off 
  • 1 - (1 KILO) of Game Time

Quart Kit: 

  • 1 - (1 QT) of Micro, Trees, Flowers, Silica, Flame, Frosty Nugs, and Bud Strength
  • 1 - (275 ML) of Blast Off 
  • 1 - (320 G) of Game Time

All Success Kits come with a feed chart digital download.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Straight fire get yours now 💪🏻

Just started running these nutrients and all I can say is A***
The growth, the health and the look of my plants are amazing! They have never looked so healthy. Ice white roots popping out of the bottom. Just stick to the chart and what they say to do and you can't go wrong. Highly reccomed and won't be using anything else. Success all the way

Just buy it

I've been using an organic soil mix (Subs super soil) for years and was apprehensive to try a liquid nutrient line. So far I am very happy with the results since switching to Success. Just buy it already.


To be completely honest, I've followed Three A Light for a number of years and only recently decided to purchase the nutrient package. I preordered a book and have been using the knowledge gained in my own approach at growing cannabis. I was blown away by the difference in simply understanding what was going on within in the plant and why. So after finally purchasing the nutrients, it was only a matter of 2 days before there was a SIGNIFICANT change in the plants. I started using the line the end of my veg cycle and am now into early flower. The plants are responding extremely well to the line. I highly recommend that you always give it a try, you will see the difference.

The a light is legit!

I have a personal medical grow in Canada and a friend brought the three a light book to my attention. He runs a larger permit and wanted me to prove the method before they committed to changing his facility from his current method to this new way of doing things I ended up buying the book and using their method with remo nutrient as I had lots left. That round went okay but the yield was lackluster. For the next crop I switched to success nutrient And the results were amazing. I hit pretty much exactly 9lbs on my three light show. My buddies who grow all made fun of me for removing all fan leaves but now they are all changing their tone and my friend with the larger grow is switching his whole setup to the three a light method.

Love it.

Hands down good stuff. Picked up 5 gallon package, and talk about a difference. Soil drain to waste. Plants love it. nice and green and can be pushed (stressed) due to the well balanced feed. Huge increase in yield. Its a perfect line for a all in one. Everything you need and some.
Price is well worth it. Consider the investment into a higher stander of growing. Pound for pound worth every penny.

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