The story of Success Nutrients began in 2015...

...amid the commercial cannabis market boom in Colorado. When cannabis was legalized for recreational and medicinal use in 2012, no one knew exactly what to expect. Professional growth at this level was a brand new adventure -- one we readily accepted.

As commercial growers ourselves, we experimented and blended and tested. What began as a process of running “mutt mixes” -- nutrient systems comprised of different brands and products -- didn’t take long to evolve into creating our own nutrient blends that worked best for our growing method.

That method, Three A Light™️, is the same growing methodology we use today. This proven solution is what our entire nine-part nutrient system is based on. We wanted to plug-and-play system that allowed large-scale growers to maintain the quality they expect in a simplified way while also allowing smaller hobbyist farmers to “grow like the pros.”

That’s what we do. We’re the same team behind Cultivation MAX, Schwazze, Star Buds and more hydroponic and cannabis brands you know and trust. When we say we know our method and nutrients work, you know it’s the truth. We have the hard work and reputation to back us up and we’re here to help you achieve the same success.

When you call us, you’ll always talk to a real person -- a real grower. We live and breathe the plant and believe your success is our success. Let us be part of your Success Story!