Flowers™ is the backbone to achieving high yields and quality product. Introducing Flowers in the Vegetative stage will ensure a robust product down the road. Flowers encourages the plants to develop as much as possible in the Flowering phase. Flowers is very effective in both Soil and Hydroponic gardens. Use in conjunction with Trees and Micro for the best results.

Nutrient Composition

(N) Nitrogen
• Building block element
• Required for plant to produce chlorophyll and proteins
• Plays major part in stem and leaf growth
• Significant component of DNA, that allows cells to grow and reproduce

(P) Phosphorus
• Supports plant development throughout entire life cycle
• Increased stalk and stem strength
• Improves flower formation and bulking
• Helps create more uniform crop maturity and quality

(K) Potassium/Potash
• Controls opening and closing of stomata, therefore regulating CO2 uptake
• Activates enzymes required in photosynthesis and respiration
• Activates many growth related enzymes

(Mg) Magnesium
• Necessary for functioning or activating enzymes that produce sugar
• Structural component of chlorophyll needed to capture suns energy
• Necessary for (P) phosphorus uptake
• Helps in cell division and protein formation

(S) Sulfur
• Needed for formation of proteins
• Essential in respiration and lipid metabolism
• Improves plant flavor

Directions for use: Use with every watering during both Vegetative and Flowering growth cycles. Mix well and adjust pH accordingly. Shake well before each use.

Customer Reviews

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All of success nutrients

Success nutrients has changed our entire business from struggling and barely getting by to a thriving business with amazing products. The entire line should be used. Without the entire product line you may have some success but will only achieve the best results when using the entire line. As all grows may differ you will need to adjust this nutrient line to certain strains. It will take at least one to two cycles before some strains are completely adjusted to this nutrient line but when they adjust you will not recognize them. The flower will be bigger with more frost than usual and the terpenes will be exploding in your rooms. For more visual proof check us out on Instagram @ evgrowers. Thank you Success Nutrients and three a light.

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