Feed Charts

Mix 1 -  For clones and your small seedlings. This mix is reduced in strength as to not shock your young plants.

Mix 2  - Slightly more potent with a greater amount of nitrogen for vigorous growth. Recommended for plants under 6"

Mix 3 - Now that plants have a greater developed root system, they can handle a wider range and strength of nutrients. Recommend for plants between 6" - 10"

Aggressive feed - After the first 6-7 feeds, your plants should reach about 10" - 15" in height (between 18-25 days of vegetative state). Now it is time to start feeding your plants more aggressively to support their growth. 

Flush - After 5-6 feeds, flush your plants with the recommended mix. Be sure to use twice as much water as a typical feeding.

Transition Mix - With the Three A Light method we move our plants to flower between days 28-40 days.  The transition mix is fed prior to flower to give it a neutral level of veg and flower nutrient levels in preparation for the transition to flower.